Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Check out what I put in my Stampin' Classroom!! Isn't it gorgeous?! And let me tell you, it only took about ten minutes to put it up! And that one "Create" definition sums up what goes on in that room! I do supply all the elements for cards in that room, but my stampers really do put their own mark on each and every project that goes through that room!

I love these Decor Elements! I also got the "Family" Decor Element, but I think I need to paint the hallway first before I put it in there. Yes, that is where I'm going to put it. My husband isn't quite in agreement, but once he sees how great it looks, he'll agree - don't you think?

He didn't actually know about this one, but when he saw it there, he liked it! I showed it to him while my whole Stampin' Club was there (their suggestion). And it went over quite well. :)

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