Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank You for My Cards!

So my birthday was this past weekend and I got some beautiful cards! (I also got a Scor-Pal from my husband!) I wanted to share with you some of the awesome cards I received! Forgive the poor scanning - they are much better live and in person!

This first card was from Jan, one of my club members. She never forgets my birthday! And I *always* get an amazing card from her!

This card is from another club member (also a friend & neighbor), Sandy. She also never forgets my birthday - she always brings me a birthday cake too! Notice the use of the Cuttlebug in this one - and it's a Gatefold too!

This last card is from my niece Kelsey. She's seven. She's a child prodigy. Knowing how talented and artistic she is, I really am not sure that her mother helped her at all. Her mother, Julie is one of my club members as well (and also my sister-in-law).

I also received many e-mails wishing me a Happy Birthday - so to everyone - THANK YOU!!! I had a wonderful birthday. A friend of ours even took all three kids overnight and my husband and I got to go out and stay out LATE (and sleep in)!! WOW!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, we're going to see if we can comment on your site. We are glad that you had a wonderful birthday. Kelsey is jumping for joy that you have shared her card with everyone to see. Thanks for inspiring us to create all sorts of fun things.