Thursday, September 25, 2008

Black & White Camp - It's Almost Here!

So, my Black & White Camp is almost here and I wanted to give you a great big taste of it! I'm only showing you seven of the eight cards - there has to be some element of surprise, right? (Actually, I'm stumped on that eighth card and I'm trying to buy myself some time, but hey!)

Here's a little slide show (you can click on the slideshow to make it bigger and actually go to the cards, if that makes any sort of sense - no brain today) -

So, it's Sunday night, here at my house, in my classroom at 6:30pm. I hope you'll join me! $20 for 8 cards! Let me know if you plan on attending.

I'm also going to offer (slight change) Monday morning at 9:30am for anyone that may be interested - same thing. Let me know if you plan on attending.


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